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Childrens Kids Fake Money Learning Play Set Pretend Coins Notes Pounds, Pennies

Quick Overview

Kids play fake money

Early Learning exercise for kids to understand UK currency / coins and counting.

£432.76 worth of fake money!

Set includes 2 of each UK currency coin and 5 of each note.

5 X £50 notes, 5 X £20 notes, 5 X £10 notes, 5 X £5 notes and an assortment of Plastic Coins

An ideal set for kids to play with while learning about money and how to count.

The coins are made from plastic and are the exact diameter of real Sterling coins, are highly detailed and look genuine at first glance.

The notes are all the same size (116mm x 48mm) so not as big as the real thing but they too are very highly detailed and appear real at first glance but are only printed on one side.

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